Get more out of the building you live in

A residential app concept designed to enhance the daily apartment living experience. ​​​​​​​Share&Square aims to turn apartment living into a more transparent and sustainable communal economy by giving residents a platform to communicate, exchange and manage their day to day apartment living. 
Residents can contact their apartment/building manager, buy/sell/share items, lease bicycles/parking spaces or communicate and socialise with each other. 

Helping Building a sustainable apartment community in the sky
The idea is modelled on the development and success of apps like Airtasker, Uber, Deliveroo and Gumtree. This platform aims to merge these services together through user-friendly engagement. Current resident apps in property are being under-utilised and lack the necessities for tenants to interact and connect more. 
Current residential apps focus more on the buy/sell platform (residents selling furniture etc.) with a lack of sharing or service offering. Share&Square aims to drive interaction through the app and get building residents more connected.​​​​​​​
Share&Square aims to attract young, tech-savvy inner-city professionals, currently living in medium to high-rise apartment developments. 
To get users engaged, the brand needs to be modern, vibrant and sophisticated. The brand concept focusses on building blocks, the foundation of every building. Using this as the basis, the graphic element then is applied throughout the design on all touchpoints. ​​​​​​​
The colours aim to bring vibrancy and diversity throughout the brand. The brand colours are interchangeable and can be paired and matched for alternate combinations.​​​​​​​
Brand marketing
Advertising and marketing for Share&Square would rely on outdoor advertising in inner-urban area's such as train stations, trams, and roads. As the target market would be tech-savvy, the idea is to capture their attention with clever word play and photography of the app.

Digital marketing would consist of social media posts and eDM's. Rolling out the tone of voice and branding on these will play help generate interest.


Type: DM Sans
Design and direction: Jan-Alfred Barclay
Photography: Sourced from Unsplash
Real estate/property

Art direction
Digital design
Web development
Digital marketing

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