Jan-Alfred Barclay
I'm a creative specialising in branding and marketing
Based in Melbourne, Australia, I have 9+ years experience working and collaborating with a diverse range of companies and brands across property, fashion, technology and professional services. 
I create modern and premium identities. I believe brands have the ability to empower and resonate with their desired target markets through meaningful visual language. 
My aim is to develop and transform brands by adding sophistication and class to elevate their market position. 
Selected Employment History
• Liberty Financial, Current
• Caydon Property Group, Designer, 2018–22
• Belotika, Freelance Graphic Designer, 2020
• The Dental Boutique, Freelance Graphic Designer, 2018
• Dugan O'Sullivan, Multidisciplinary Designer, 2016—2018
• Aeontech, Freelance Graphic Designer, 2018
• Haus of M'Pressions, Freelance Graphic Designer, 2016
• TruBrain, Freelance Graphic Designer, 2017
• Mikara, Freelance Graphic Designer, 2016
• Landmass London, Freelance Graphic Designer, 2016
• Vault Magazine, Art Director & Graphic Designer, 2016
• Gusto & Elan, Graphic Designer, 2015
• Branding & creative direction, logo design, typography, brand guidelines
• Corporate branding, annual reports, presentations, infographics
• Print design, brand stationery, press ads, out of home displays, flyers, packaging
• Digital design, HTML5 display ads, eDM design, landing pages, social media marketing 
• Project marketing campaigns, advertising, signage, print & digital communication
• Mockup/template design, custom mockup design for artwork presentation

If you are interested in a pricing and services guide or a custom mockup template to present your work, please email me